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Our Philosophy

The Blair Dance Academy prides itself on teaching proper dance technique in a safe and fun environment for students. At Blair Dance Academy, we believe in challenging students at their own individual skill and ability levels. Our instruction is not designed for the most or least talented student in any given class. We give students the individual attention they need to foster a love and appreciation for the art dance. 

We believe it is critical for our instruction to remain fresh and innovative. The art of dance has evolved drastically over time; dance instruction should evolve just as much. We encourage and regularly financially support our instructors to attend professional development workshops to hone their dance and classroom skills. Recently, some of our instructors attended the Dance Teacher Summit in New York City in July 2012 and THE PULSE Dance Teacher Workshop in NYC in August 2013. These are the largest professional development workshops for dance teachers in the United States. 

By investing in the development of our instructors, we are able to deliver exciting, new and innovative instruction techniques to our students.

We also choose not to focus our instructional efforts on performances and performance choreography. By keeping our instructional efforts primarily on dance technique, we allow our students to grow and develop their skill in dance with significant results over a period of time. We firmly believe this philosophy allows our students more creative freedom in the dance studio, without being burdened down by primarily learning performance choreography. Our recreational students perform at our annual recital, held at the Jaffa Shrine the Saturday before Father's Day. Dancers ages 5-8 also have the option to become Blair Dance Academy "Mini-Stars"; and perform with our competition dance team in their Winter Showcase performance at the historic Mishler Theater in Altoona.

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